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Sales Hotline 01732 243454

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Overnight delivery to your door
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Crested GheckoReptco is part of the Andrew Lintott & Assocs. group of companies. Based at Bourne Valley Fish Farm in kent, which is home to The Tropco, the largest online supplier of Tropical fish in the UK, and The Carpco, the largest supplier of coldwater pond fish in the UK,  We also operate Nitrico from here and this company produces true nitrifying bacteria for pond and aquarium filters.

Dealing with hundreds of thousands of customers up and down the UK has given us a huge insight into the requirements of sending out animals to their final destination is the safest and most stress-free way possible.

Many of our existing staff have always had a passion for Reptiles and, once the couriers had everything in place to ship them safely, Reptco was born. 

Managed by Aaron Lintott, who joined the firm in 2020, following completing his honours degree in Environment Science. Since then, Aaron has gone on to complete a level 3 course in Reptile studies, in order to be able to persue his passion in Reptiles. If you make an order with us, please do not be surprised to receive a call from him so that he is in a position to be able to help where required. We are not here just to sell reptiles and customer service is extremely important to us.